Cap de Suro
wine label design and illustration
Location: Barcelona
The project consists of creating five wine labels under the concept "Cap de Suro since always in the Poble sec neighbourhood”. So we went to the roots...
 Once upon a time...
 We decided to illustrate emblematic popular places from the old Poble sec neighbourhood. The character, Cap de suro, was alive in those days and he had the pleasure of experiencing and enjoying what those spaces were, what made history.
My contribution was proposing hot spots, recreate them as how they look in the old times and illustrate them in a label design with the line style illustration that the owner wanted. And also, a create a stamp that follow the concept to use it as logotype for this production line because they didn't have it.
So now, Cap de Suro tells a little about the Poble Sec history in each of its bottles, history belonging to many people around the area.

Les Hortes de Sant Bertran, Poble sec

La Font del gat, Poble sec

Refugi 307, Pobre sec

La Canadenca 1919, Poble sec

La Pajarera catalana, Poble Sec

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