Zanghellini Holt & Associates 
greetings new year - flyer design
Location: Hong Kong
"Kung Hei Fat Choy" it's means "Happy new year" in cantonese. Hong Kong had been a colony of the British Empire since 1842, so they have two big celebrations of New year, the Gregorian and the Chinese new year. The very protagonist of that season, is the animal of that lunar cycle, which at the time of the project, was the rat, a metal one.
So here you can see a collage I made for ZHA to be sended to their clients. The result it was made by mixing photography and illustration. Following some Zanghellini & Holt colour guideline (red, black, white ) the creation is a background full of the beautiful skyscrapers of Hong Kong, and some rats (people) dancing and celebrating happily the new full moon and the new year's coming. 
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